If we want to sustainably eliminate the cause of an inner emotional blockade, we do not achieve this by working on correcting their consequences.

“There is no more dangerous error, as to confuse the cause with the consequence.” (F. Nietzsche)

A lack of empathy cannot be corrected with behavioral teaching or communication training. The source is a lack of feeling of one’s own psychic reality. It has to be worked with what prevents access to the feeling. So not with the general consequence, but with the specific cause of not-feeling. Lack of trust in other people, cannot be corrected with general team building or general confidence-building measures. It is necessary to work with the specific source of distrust, as well as with the pain of disappointment and fear that it has caused. Only when that source dried up, genuine trust can be build up permanently.

The causes of mental blockades or deficiencies lay all too often in the unconscious. Therefore, they cannot permanently changed with common sense, thinking or will power. It takes work methods that work with the unconscious and allow a mental integration. This can then serve as the basis of new behaviors and an authentic personality.