Whoever leads an entire company or a part of it has truly “decathlete qualities”. Customers, employees and applicants expect appropriate communication. The production or service must be structured and planned. Sales should be organised and suppliers monitored. Finances need to be organized and every process of the company is important. At the end of the day there should be a reasonable relationship between input and output. A good work-life balance protects against high sickness rates, prevents employees from leaving the company and guarantees a high quality of life.

Anyone who has to shoulder so many demands and has to meet so many demands can truly call on help. My activities and coaching measures, especially organizational constellations, relate to all strategic core aspects of entrepreneurial action:

  1. Achieving corporate goals – program for top management
  2. Active Leadership – Program for middle management
  3. Selection of applicants and talents – support for recruiting

Because at the end of the day it is said: The sum of the qualities matters!

In order to meet all requirements, a company needs different qualities at the same time. For example: customer satisfaction. The customer is satisfied and orders again and again, if the levels leadership, structure and communication are mastered by its owners.

Level leadership: The framework and conditions for innovation and quality are created, i.e. the company is equipped with personnel and is able to realize the customer’s wishes. Goals and strategies are geared to customer wishes and take the exisiting infrastructure into account (people and machines), which means no understrain and no overstrain of the workforce.

Level Structure: The products and services are of consistently high quality. Customers can be supplied promptly due to fast delivery times, and it is clear who is the contact person for the customer in the company.

Communication level: The team responds quickly to requests and is competently advised by its supervisors.
Complaints are dealt with professionally and speed.

My consulting and coaching in the company adapt to the individual requirements, as well as the initial situation and the goals of the company. In this respect, my assignment and its basis should be precisely defined in a detailed meeting. My project examples and my industry references make it easier for us to get started.