If you opt for coaching, you have successfully overcome the most difficult part of this already: You have chosen actively to request assistance in achieving a goal or in addressing a problem.

As a coach in the first place I deliver help to help yourself. This is so because I assume that you already have all the resources that are needed to tackle the problem. The coach finds a way with the client to activate these resources. We proceed step by step, so that the coaching calls the clients but never does overburden them.

Coaching is not therapy and is aimed at mentally healthy people. Coaching is not consulting, as the own deal with the challenge is not removed from the client.

As a coach I use various methods that work with the consciousnesses and the subconsciousness,  interview techniques and different exercises to help the client cope with its problems independently. Primarily, however, I offer myself as a helpful person in a professional encounter.

I study further on a regular basis in different Coaching Institutes to warrant the quality of my services.