In the beginning there was pure energy, free-flowing vital force that makes things happen, feeds relationships with ease, puts the will on an unshakable ground and moves the body with power and suppleness in life. These healthy structures are basically available to all of us.

In the course of our own lives, but also in the lives of our ancestors, there are experiences and strokes of fate – many of them formative, some of them even traumatic – that push us emotionally to the limit. As a result, they constrict, block or even completely suppress the vital life energy.

We compensate for the loss of our original fullness with survival structures that simultaneously ensure our progress and basic need for belonging. These structures include, among other things, praised character traits such as assertiveness, discipline, perseverance, determination, resilience or great adaptability.

These structures, which usually take us very far, become problematic when they become one-sided or even obsessive after many years. The things that ensured our progress and, if necessary, made us grow up, freeze in stagnation and thus contribute to a private or professional crisis.

The development and growth process leads back to the vital force of life and out of the experienced narrowness in acting and being. For this purpose, various formats and methods are used, which can make new living perspectives visible.

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