As C.G. Jung lamented the psychology without psyche more than 50 years ago, today one can complain about a systemic therapy without soul that wants to understand itself as a replacement of the soul. Without soul and without having a concept of the soul, it is hardly possible to design a coherent picture of human life, even though the systemic therapy does claim this.

The term systemic forms a basic conception according to which the individual moves in his life within systems – whether in its interior (e.g. between the individual parts of his psyche as survival ego, traumatized ego and healthy ego), or in the systems of the outside world (family of origin, relationship with partner, labor relationships, company system, etc.) – and at the same time is shaped and determined by how these systems interact with one another.

This makes clear – in order to justice the term systemic – that one cannot reduce the access to reality (the conscious and the unconscious) to only one single method of.  Each method can only always brighten and capture only a certain layer of the psyche. In this sense this is an integrative approach to the soul. If one does not want to lose and involve himself in side effects, where the outlying is preferred to the essence, and by that distorts the view to the essential, you cannot live without a coherent idea of ​​the soul.

The scope and dynamics of personal and especially intergenerational existential borderline experience, and their consequences in the lives of individuals, would fall apart in non-contiguous symptoms that elude the overall look if there was not a soul concept. Therefore: systemic of the soul. The soul is an experience, not an abstraction.

“If the soul is not there from the beginning on, she will not show up at the end.” (James Hillman)

What it is really about is to address the soul. Then all psychologists, therapists, managers, coaches and all those who work with people and motivate them in order to stimulate growth, dependent on that address without exception. Only when the soul is addressed, the effect in the soul can be sustainable. Nowadays it is spoken much about sustainability, but barely about the connection to the soul.

It is spoken about creativity, innovation, etc. without being aware that these are all aspects of vital force, depending on whether these parts of the soul are frozen in shock or are in motion. So they are flowing or not flowing. The soul is the carrier of the vital force, thus both are inseparable.