Leading safely


My Business Academy
In business or in private, in the end, it's all about the same thing: free-flowing vital force - being fully present and knowing that you are doing the right thing in this place and this moment.


Tools and methods from practice, for practice: professionally sound and tested in everyday business.


Whether in workshops or coaching - with a good mix of theory, practice, and case studies, it always remains exciting.


Because I always involve the unconscious: not surface polish but real change at the core.
Workshops for Executives & Experts
Balanced and optimistic

despite high workload

High work density, global competition, digitalization, and global crises as a permanent condition - the modern (working) world is often a mental and physical challenge. Therefore, successful work in the so-called VUCA world requires successful self- and stress management. During the workshop, participants will use guided exercises to better understand their autonomic nervous system and individual stress type. They will also receive tools and methods to stay balanced and optimistic at work in the long term. True to the motto: Good energy, good work!
Calm and relaxed

even in difficult conversations

In a competitive environment, difficult conversations are an unavoidable challenge to face and deal with constructively: setting the scene, setting boundaries, and sometimes even saying "no." Tension and negative emotions can cloud our minds and jeopardize our goals. The workshop, therefore, shows how we can deal with these tricky situations. Tactics that think outside the box will help us stay focused and gain more confidence and flexibility in difficult conversations.
How to get more

with great deals

Growing markets offer opportunities that must be negotiated with stakeholders, partners, and customers. The better we can identify and consider the needs of our counterparts, the more we will benefit in the future. This exercise-based workshop will help participants build a solid foundation of skills that will enable them to prepare, conduct, and conclude a negotiation in their favor.
Confident and safe

through the first 100 days

The new role of "leader" is often like jumping in at the deep end: all eyes are now on you. Decisions have to be made, and the challenges are great: getting the employees engaged and at the same time representing the company, not being too much of a friend but also not too much of a boss, giving information without being allowed to say everything, delegating and no longer doing everything yourself, solving conflicts and developing the team, and much more. This workshop gives orientation for the first 100 days and beyond. Tried and tested dos and don'ts that help new leaders to arrive safely in their new role.
Coaching for Leaders
Leading with

energy and joy

Leadership is like a decathlon: deciding, setting goals, winning customers, negotiating, motivating the team, resolving conflicts, recognizing trends, enabling innovations, and, above all, achieving results and taking responsibility for them. To fulfill all these tasks, you should take good care of your energy. This coaching program bridges the gap between professional demands and personal needs. We develop free spaces and stress-free times, strengthening the focus on the essentials: the core tasks of your leadership and a healthy work-life balance. As a result, living and performing go hand in hand in a good manner.
For the development of

your leadership personality

This coaching format addresses belief systems that prevent us from being successful or cause us to lose too much energy while achieving our goals. In a safe environment, we highlight issues and questions about those work-related situations or relationships in which you are not feeling well, are under pressure, or are going in circles.
Executive Coaching

for clear focus and deep insight

Management that claims to have a grip on things must necessarily also turn its attention to the unconscious forces of the company. Despite a wealth of knowledge about the power of the unconscious, virtually no management methods have been established to date that work with it operationally. This is precisely where The Insight Leader© comes in: Management constellations make complex problems more tangible and unconscious potential visible. They open up specific solutions and new opportunities.

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Customized workshops & seminars

I will be glad to accompany you

Whether as a speaker, moderator of team-building workshops, or facilitator of change processes - in my many years of experience, I have acquired a broad repertoire that I am happy to offer you for your individual needs. I look forward to your request.