My Books

I am passionate about writing - about the soul, the unconscious, and how we can harness its powers for personal and professional growth.

Trauma work in coaching

Blockages to be solved with coaching are often the result of repressed traumatic experiences of a person or their ancestors. Pictorial models will guide the reader into the multi-layered landscape of the soul and its principles. Along the way, the book decodes traumas as the soul’s fundamental building blocks and follows them back to their origins: existential limit-experiences and their common denominator, the splitting of the soul. The consequences of this autonomous survival mechanism affect all areas of life, starting from the unconscious. Therefore, they are not accessible by conventional methods working with the conscious mind. The presented integrative approach provides means and ways that significantly expand the potential of coaching.

Management Constellations

The book provides for the first time a business-relevant systemic of the unconscious, which shows to what extent decisions in business and politics are determined by the unconscious attitudes of their actors. The starting point of the approach are the Inner Shapes, autonomous subpersonalities split off in the soul, whose effect on the top executives helps to determine the success or failure of the entire organization. With the management constellations presented here, resistance and hindering power dynamics can be recognized early and transformed into enabling forces. In the process, decision-makers gain a differentiated ability to discern, which allows them to look into the depths of the relationships in complex situations and difficult negotiations. (German edition)

Voice Dialogue

The book presents a new version of the Voice Dialogue, which is based on the thoughts of C. G. Jung and addresses the unconscious directly. It shows how the unconscious is represented as inner shapes due to existential limit-experiences of a human being and their ancestors. These are carriers and movers of the personality and, on an unconscious basis, become the blueprint for our personal patterns. Voice Dialogue opens up the hidden hierarchy of power in the unconscious and helps to infuse the Inner Shapes with consciousness. Thus, the method offers a way to get to the bottom of our personality's contradictions, constraints, and traits.

Charisma & Radiance

Good vibrations are the positive signals we experience from another person or thing. They are the feel-good factors we give to our lives and fellow human beings. Whoever understands how to combine their inner radiance with convincing and sympathetic communication becomes a charismatic person. In this book, I want to show that charisma is anything but an unattainable gift of grace and that everyone can work on their charisma. (German edition)