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The daily management routine shows there are two levels in business. That which should happen, which everyone considers to be right and important, and that which actually happens, which all too often contradicts logic, expertise, or simply common sense. What is revealed here is not pure irrationality but another power center in the company, the unconscious. The consequences in everyday management: reasonable or well-intentioned appeals to the consciousness show little sustainability. Necessary changes rub up against tough resistance and proceed too slowly. The organization shies away from the consistent path to the unconscious causes, occupies itself far too long with well-intentioned side issues, and thus loses vast amounts of energy and drive from formerly motivated employees.
Management that claims to be on top of things must necessarily also turn its attention to the unconscious forces of the company.
Management Constellations

for everyday leadership

Despite a wealth of knowledge about the power of the unconscious, virtually no leadership methods have been established to work with it operationally. The Insight Leader© starts exactly here: Management constellations make complexity tangible and the unconscious potential of an organization visible. Gut feeling and instinct are backed up with method and even expanded. Learn more about the theory behind it here:
The Benefits
More Focus

More Focus

By looking behind the scenes and into the hidden network of power, it is possible to concentrate on the essentials.
More Speed

More Speed

The focus, in turn, is directed at the targeted resolution of resistance. This gets things moving faster and more efficiently.
More Chances

More Chances

Constellations can show the connections in depth. This creates a "big picture" with new chances and alternatives.
Especially for top management, the unconscious is a critical economic factor. Because in addition to the vast amounts of untapped potential, it also contains the well-camouflaged traps of resistance, manipulation, and fading out of reality.
Alexander Nchuchuma Riechers
This allows a

look behind the scenes

With the help of special constellation formats, it is possible to look behind the scenes of the often polished business facade, and executives gain a finely differentiated ability to discern. The inner connections of conscious and subconscious actions, both in the company and the market environment, become visible and can be shaped in a targeted manner. Leadership thus gains an additional perspective: resistance, conflicts, non- and wrong decisions, or even tenacious processes are recognized as potentials and can be transformed into promoting forces, creativity, and fresh dynamics. The unconscious becomes the key partner for entrepreneurial success.

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Management constellations are a very personal format and live on trust. The mutual "getting to know each other" based on a concrete case from everyday life is, therefore, a proven starting point for The Insight Leader: We get to know each other, and you can immediately put the results into practice. Further steps, from team-building workshops with top management to train-the-trainer programs, can be planned individually according to the respective context and requirements.