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The vital force is your life energy, inner strength, joy, creativity, drive, and health - in short, your power in private life or business. If it is in flow, life succeeds: growing, arriving, and being satisfied.
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Because sometimes, there are obstacles in our way - blockages, old patterns, difficult relationships that limit our energy, hold us back, or make us spin in circles. Together, we make room for free flow, more ease, and inner peace.

My Services

With heart and mind, profound and sustainable.
Individual coaching

Individual coaching

Your companionship for bringing blockages, patterns, or difficult relationships to resolution.
Business Academy

Business Academy

Workshops on resilience & communication as well as customized coaching for executives
Mallorca Seminar

Mallorca Seminar

#heypartner: four days to recharge batteries, gather knowledge, and reflect in a magical place (only in German).
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My blog for your vital force

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I am passionate about writing - about the soul, the unconscious, and how we can utilize its powers for personal and professional growth.


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