I am Alexander

Coach, counselor, and book author for the topic close to my heart: the power of the unconscious and how we can integrate it into our lives. As a thinking person, I thought for a long time that with my own will and discipline, all obstacles can be overcome. But over time, I have felt that there are still many unanswered questions and that I am reaching my limits. In my search for answers, I learned how important it is to be in touch with my unconscious. This realization has decisively shaped and changed my private and professional life.
My Mission

Bringing vital force into flow

I embraced my father for the first time after 33 years, rediscovered my roots, and received essential answers to the central question, "Who am I?". I was allowed to experience how powerfully the unconscious influences my thinking and feeling and how it unites the qualities and challenging experiences of my German and African ancestors over generations. And above all, how wonderful it feels when previously blocked or unlived forces can unfold freely and easily.
My goal, to which I dedicate myself with heart, mind, and professionalism, is to support people in bringing their vital force into free flow - in private and professional life.
Alexander Nchuchuma Riechers
My approach

Making the unconscious a partner

These experiences have motivated me to also support other people in allying themselves with their subconscious mind, the treasure chamber of the soul. All with the goal of arriving more and more at oneself, struggling less, and finally being entirely here and fully present - qualities and characteristics that are demanded of us more than ever, both at home and at work.

What is important to me as a coach:

For me, an artificial separation into "private" and "professional" is out of the question since the unconscious neither does it nor is impressed by it.
For me and my work this means in concrete terms: no fear of difficult topics, no censorship, a very respectful but equally clear reflection of one's own topics in order to promote free flow in a trusting setting. I look forward to getting to know you.

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