I am Alexander Nchuchuma Riechers – philosopher, book author and as a coach I accompany people and teams on their way to more vital force and free flow.

On my own way there I was surprised myself how strong the unconscious works. As a thinking person I thought for a long time that with my own will and discipline all obstacles can be overcome. But as time went by, I felt that there were still many unanswered questions and that I was reaching my limits. In my search for answers, I learned how important it is to be in touch with my unconscious. This realization has decisively shaped and changed my private as well as professional life:

I was allowed to embrace my father for the first time after 33 years, I rediscovered my roots and received important answers to the central question “Who am I?”. I was allowed to experience how powerfully the unconscious influences my thinking and feeling, how it unites both the qualities and difficult experiences of my German and African ancestors over generations in me. And above all, how wonderful it feels when previously blocked or unlived forces can unfold freely and easily.


These experiences motivated me to also support other people in allying themselves with their unconscious, the treasure chamber of the soul. All with the goal of arriving more and more at oneself, fighting less and finally being completely here and fully there – qualities and characteristics that are demanded of us more than ever in a highly complex world.

Working with the unconscious is not just a job for me, it is my profession in the sense of a calling. In this respect, it is not only a professional activity to accompany people on this path, but a form of my being human, in which I offer myself 100% as a supportive person in a human encounter.

As a coach and counsellor, I primarily help people to help themselves. This is because I believe that all people already have all the resources they need to overcome their challenges. Therefore, it is important to me that the people I accompany always remain independent and self-responsible.

As an alert and respectful companion, I approach this holistically on all levels of human life reality: the body, the mind as well as the unconscious structures of the soul.


My approach and at the same time my purpose, to which I dedicate myself with heart, mind and professionalism: To support people in bringing the vital force of their soul into free flow.


The HUMAN being is at the center of my work. Therefore, next to all techniques, tools and methods, the real human contact counts first. Trust and a safe space form the basis for our collaboration.

I want to SUPPORT people who have already made the decision to dissolve the blockades and resistances in their lives. My clients are free individuals and retain responsibility for the success of their own lives at all times during the process.

The VITAL FORCE is the inherent principle of all living beings to live out and realize their potential. It thus stands for vitality itself. Traumas, family and social entanglements create inhibiting patterns and beliefs that act like bottlenecks in body, mind and soul.

The SOUL is a multidimensional reality and a living symbol for the entire space of activity and experience of a living being. It carries the vital force, which in its riverbed becomes the carrier and mover of its own life movements. It is directly connected with the functions of the unconscious and unites in it both our own qualities and experiences and those of our ancestors.

THE FREE FLOW of vital force stands for the qualities of existence of constant growth, constant curiosity, high creativity, free expression of feelings, unconstrained ability to make contact, an elastic body as well as high regenerative capacity. In short: Life can be fully lived in free flow.

For me, working with the UNCONSCIOUS is not a technical procedure, but first and foremost an encounter from person to person, from living being to living being. My experience has taught me that, despite all the tricks, tools and methods, the following is true:


Life can only be impressed by life itself.

Since the soul is a multi-layered entity, an artificial separation into private and professional is not possible for me, since the unconscious neither does it nor allows itself to be impressed by it. Here the soul is doing us a favor, because if we want to feel it and therefore ourselves, it always commits us to wholeness.

For me and my work this means in concrete terms: no fear of difficult topics, no censorship, a very respectful but equally clear reflection of one’s own topics in order to promote free flow in a setting of trust.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Yours Alexander