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Articles and Essays from Alexander Nchuchuma Riechers

  • The Corona Crisis – A systemic autocorrection

    Planet Earth gives us an epochal lesson in systemic laws, offers us a time-out and hopes that we will finally “grow up” – an essay by Alexander Nchuchuma Riechers – […]

  • Coaching to the core

    If we want to sustainably eliminate the cause of an inner emotional blockade, we do not achieve this by working on correcting their consequences. “There is no more dangerous error, […]

  • Systemic of the soul

    As C.G. Jung lamented the psychology without psyche more than 50 years ago, today one can complain about a systemic therapy without soul that wants to understand itself as a replacement of […]

  • Vibrant Outlooks!

    The American artist and composer John Cage has spoken out long before my birth, the sentence that now dominates my daily work. It is so good that I want to […]



  • I met Mr. Alexander Riechers when he was working in Schaeffler. He has a very interesting combination of aptitudes and attitudes. His persistence, perseverance and task-oriented abilities, together with his kind-heartedness and people orientation make him a unique individual. Creative, entrepreneurial and innovative, he combines this with a penetrating vision and a high quality performance.

    Dr. Alberto Beuchot, Director Center for Executive Coaching, Irapuato