*** An impulse by Alexander Nchuchuma Riechers ***

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The war in Ukraine is not only an attack on freedom, it is also an attack on our nervous system. Because, the nerves are now completely and understandably bare in many places.

After two years of pandemic, a brutal war is now gripping Europe. The modern age is suddenly confronted with the unleashed reality of evil and thus emotionally overwhelmed. For what was no longer considered possible not only shakes the fundamental values of liberal democracies, but also directly the personal and family unconscious of an entire continent. Memories and traumas, which until today could hardly be processed by the soul, are abruptly catapulted to the surface: the horrors of the Second World War and its consequences – hunger, expulsion, uprooting, terror through occupation up to the unreal times of the Cold War, which kept the world constantly on the edge.

Completely normal – Our nervous system wants to protect us

All this now comes up again and is too much, can no longer be pushed away or faded out. Consciousness reaches its limits and goes to its knees: because from the perspective of the autonomic nervous system, we are now no longer supposed to think, but only to survive. Even though this is difficult for our powerful minds to accept, our unconscious systems are already attuned to it: Flight, fight, or if neither is possible, freeze. The archaic system takes over these days and therefore also controls the consciousness – in concentration disorders, inner overwhelm, anger, irritability, mixed with feelings of senselessness, sadness and powerlessness. And since these feelings are all difficult to bear, we often feel little to nothing as well. This is also completely normal and a protective measure of the autonomic nervous system against life’s threatening punches.

Completely conscious – With a fine sense against brutalization

But now more than ever, we need a clear mind and a fine sense for the defense of our values: as moderate consideration, clever tactics, compassion and steadfast courage. Qualities that all confidently oppose the brute and brutalized spirit of war. The point now is precisely not to fall into the archaic trap of reacting blindly, but to remain prudent in order to avoid short-circuited actions. For peace we need strong nerves. And this can only be achieved with, not against, our nervous system.

Together strong – Peacemaking with mindfulness and courage

There are surprisingly simple and proven strategies for this. For one thing: Less is more! Because we are currently at the limit and therefore quickly overwhelmed. Mistakes happen and even more pressure builds up. Consciously avoiding unnecessary tasks has a relieving effect and leads directly to the next approach: There is power in calmness! Because conflicts are very fast. The events rush over each other, as do our nervous reactions to them. To prevent inner stress and to stay in the feeling, deceleration and stimulus reduction helps. Consciously taking time, conscious and calm breathing, relaxing the muscles, reducing noise, less cell phone and TV are now balm for our soul. In addition, as in every crisis, speaking helps! Because courage comes from dialogue. Burdensome things should be talked about in a familiar circle so that they do not become entrenched. Our strength is now shown in community, in families, with friends, neighbors and colleagues. So let us take care of each other more than ever. Out of this great peace can arise!

About the author:

Alexander Nchuchuma Riechers, M.A. of philosophy, coach and author for personality development. At the center of his work is the Systemic of Inner Shapes – an approach that works directly in the unconscious with innovative methods. His goal: free-flowing vital force.