Voice Dialogue is a fascinating and extremely fast-acting method. Because here your unconscious gets its own voice – your unconscious personality parts are made visible and directly addressed.

Starting point of the method: the Inner Shapes

Voice Dialogue draws on what can arise as a result of an existential borderline experience or a stroke of fate: a split of the soul through which an own piece of the soul, together with its traumatic shock load, is suppressed into the unconscious. In the language of C.G. Jung, an “autonomous complex in the unconscious” arises as a result – because through the connection of body, mind and soul, a being arises that has everything at its disposal to develop its own personality: its own emotions, its own bodily expression and also its own mental attitudes.

Through the veil of the unconscious, this being acts more like an inner shape.You cannot see it directly, but you can still feel its working in the background: in movements and non-movements, which have an autonomous, just independent character, e.g. in the form of self-talk, suddenly arising doubts or fears, an inner urge, which can hardly be calmed down, but also as talents and qualities, which are simply there and on which you can always rely.

For the consciousness, the activity of the Inner Shapes is not always pleasant, because their motor and drive is the splitting of the soul itself: what lies hidden in it as pain, guilt, shame or disgrace should not come up again and must not happen again. The logic of the Inner Shapes is thus often a “away from” and thus a being driven in rich variations: Endurance, flexibility, hardness, but also stubbornness as well as great vehemence combined with the ability to fade out the wounds of the soul, not to feel or to sugarcoat them.

Inner shapes are figures with two faces: wounded at the core and thus very strong in their effect on the outside. They want to protect the soul, but their very inner compulsion often leads to new wounds.

Exactly this contradictory inner dynamics, which is often connected with the feeling of being torn back and forth, is made visible in Voice Dialogue and dissolved piece by piece. The method is, as the name might suggest, therefore not an ordinary conversation, but a highly individual mirroring method. Much happens without words, i.e. non-verbally – symbolically, energetically and emotionally. It is about comprehensively mirroring your inner shapes and their often restricting or difficult to change attitudes and positions and thereby filling them up with consciousness.

In Voice Dialogue, your unconscious becomes conscious of itself, so to speak. About what it holds back, what it fears and what it longs for.

Concretely, the Inner Shape is given a place in the room, through which you simultaneously gain an important distance to yourself: You can observe your unconscious with distance. By the way, the Inner Shape looks for its place in the room on its own, which is why Voice Dialogue is a special constellation format. It shows you how your unconscious is set up – how it is composed and which forces prevail in it and block each other under certain circumstances. Because there are of course several inner shapes: those that have arisen in your own biography and also those that have been passed on to you through the family unconscious by your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.

Voice Dialogue is therefore an ideal method to make inner conflicts visible and to bring them into solution.

The inner power hierarchy becomes visible and also the rough edges and patterns of one’s own personality become more and more understandable. And since the Inner Shapes primarily need their own safe space for this, the method can also be carried out very well online. Due to all these advantages, Voice Dialogue is an integral part of my individual coaching sessions. Interested? Then start now your …

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