Mission Statement

My mission, for which I stand up with heart, mind and professionalism:

To support people to bring the vital force of their souls into free flow.

The human being is at the centre of my work. Therefore, besides all techniques, tools and methods, what counts first is real human contact. Trust and a safe space form the basis for our cooperation.

I would like to support people who have already found the will to dissolve the blockades and resistances in their lives. My clients are free people and at all times of the process they keep the responsibility for the success of their own life.

The vital force is the essential principle of all living beings to live out and realize their potential. Trauma, family and social entanglements create inhibiting patterns and beliefs that act like bottlenecks in body, mind and soul.

The soul is a multidimensional reality and a living symbol for the entire sphere of activity and experience of a living being. It carries the vital force, which in its river bed becomes the carrier and mover of the life movements. As a non-linear organizing principle, it is connected to the functions of the unconscious and combines our own qualities and experiences as well as those of our ancestors.

The free flow of vital force stands for the qualities of existence of constant growth, constant curiosity, high creativity, free expression of feelings, casual contact, an elastic body as well as high regenerative ability. In short: in free flow life can be fully lived.